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Activity Monitors

Read on to find relevant information about activity tracker, or click on “see all” to discover the wide range of devices that OMRON has for you.

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Activity Monitors

Walking Style IV Blue

The Walking style IV uses a highly accurate 3D sensor to help you track your steps and how many calories you burn.

Why should I use an activity monitor?

Precise tracking of every move.

Motivates you to increase activity.

Helps you achieve healthier lifestyle

What is a pedometer?

An activity monitor can record how many steps have you made a day, how far have you gone, and how many calories have you burnt, and can detect the difference between going for a walk and going for a run.

The perfect way on how to use OMRON pedometer is to set it up correctly, in this way you will have an accurate count on your steps, take it everywhere with you, and keep in mind to connect it to your laptop or computer so you can track your steps for longer time.

OMRON activity trackers are equipped with a 3D sensor assuring its accuracy so the pedometer can count your steps during the day, and thanks to their 7-day memory, you can track your progress over the week. Some of the trackers come with a belt stripe so you can fix it to your clothes instead of putting it in your pocket.

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